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 What is VITE? 







Introduction to the VITE Office solution


Vite (the French word pronounced veet) translates to quick or quickly.
For example, if you are rushing your kids along, you might say, "Allons, vite! vite!" or "Let's go. quick! quick!"

VITE (the name of the technology) is an acronym:
Virtual Information Technology...ENHANCED

VITE (the technology) was birthed in south Louisiana, where Cajun French is a second language.

VITE is the system of technologies used to provide business offices with pro/enterprise class technology/service (without the enterprise price tag).

Work from home
- print at home
- file transfer
O365 and/or Google Workspace
LOB (Line of Business) apps
Enterprise class firewall
Enterprise class WiFi

Own your data (local cloud)
Unlimited tech support

Tenants of VITE


-----Zero Trust  (or "need-to-know/access" only basis)

-----Actually do work and it is fast and easy

-----Robust and timely recovery of user error, hardware failure, bad actors





-CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

-----Authority for technology decision made for business

----------"The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best." -Thomas Sowell

-Unlimited Tech Support (inside VITE ecosystem)

-Scheduled fire drills

-Risk Management 

-----Low probability, Low penalty

-----Low probability, High penalty

-----High probability, Low penalty

-----High probability, High penalty

-Remote Management  & Monitoring






-NOT I'm selling what your are buying

Donham Computer Services is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)
(MSP is simply an outsourced IT department)

Are you ready to go QUICK?

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