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Gretchen Donham, Thu 2:31 PM

Elanor said you and Robin came out against homeschooling pretty hard. Anything I need to know about?


You, Thu 3:48 PM

Yes. I will talk/chat with you later on this.


Gretchen Donham, Thu 3:52 PM

She said it hasn't changed her mind and she still wants to homeschool with me.


Gretchen Donham, Thu 6:14 PM

I just ordered this for Elanor's Bible class next year. start with, anyway. It's four weeks


You, Yesterday 6:13 PM

I am very opposed to Elanor being homeschooled.


Primary reason given for failing and subsequently quitting LCA is anxiety.


You do not pull a kid out of school b/c they are near sighted. You give them the tools they need to succeed (e.g. glasses) and continue going to school.


You do not pull a kid out of school b/c they are struggling with anxiety. In fact, that is the worst thing to do. You give them the tools they need to succeed (e.g. skills from Robin) and continue going to school.


Pulling a student out of school for anxiety reasons is in fact the worst move. Anxiety will make the child's world smaller and smaller.

Very soon. Elanor will start meeting with Robin to gain skills to begin path to squelch anxiety in her life.


You, Yesterday 6:20 PM

I went to LCA and there is a small chance that E could stay at LCA and be in 7th grade if:

A) she states that over the hurdles that have made her uncomfortable all year

B) Robin states that she can take care of the anxiety

C) I state that I'll be the one bringing her to school each morning.


This is what I perceive to be PLAN A.


If you are well enough to home school, why are you not teaching at SCA?


Gretchen Donham, Yesterday 10:18 PM

Elanor dictated a good portion of this response. I included her in this discussion since you didn't.


Why would you go to LCA and meet with them without talking to Elanor or me? I have the kids every day, and I know their hearts. The fact that you informed me about the meeting after it happened makes it appear that you went behind our backs. You going to LCA without me was really overstepping. You were the one who said you wanted us to cooperate when it came to matters of the kids.... Meeting with LCA without me or her is the opposite of cooperation.


I'm a teacher. I assure you I'm just as concerned with her education as you are, and after talking it over with HER, Debbie, and Mrs. Babineaux, I feel confident it's a good decision for her.Removing Dawson from LCA for his anxiety was life changing for him. You told Dawson that anxiety was the equivalent of him hitting himself in the thigh, and all he had to do with his anxiety was quit hitting himself.... But that's not your solution for Elanor?


Her going to LCA is not plan A. It's plan C at best. This was a problem that we didn't need you to solve. The problems we did need you to solve, like taking care of the kids while I was in ICU, or fixing Elanor's swing, or submitting documents to help Nadia get scholarships, you dropped the ball on.

If you need to find a solution to a problem, you might start with googling why two of your three kids aren't speaking to you.


This is just another example of you micromanaging, bulldozing, and thinking you know better than everybody, and you don't. Your understanding is the only thing you care about and consider.


Elanor is very angry at you right now. She was literally pacing up and down the living room and growling. She does not want you to pick her up Wednesday, and she feels like you betrayed her.


E says you took Robin's words and twisted them. She says Robin said that she was ok with her homeschooling, especially after Elanor explained the whole picture to her. Elanor says that anxiety is not at all the only reason she wants to leave LCA, and she explained that in the session. She's been miserable and asking to leave for the last two years at least. She wants to find another counselor that is there for HER, and does not automatically side with you.


She can still have a social life with homeschooling, just like Dawson does. There's even a community youth theater organization she could join.


Assisting Elanor with online homeschool is RADICALLY different than lesson planning, teaching, grading, etc....

Homeschooling one kid who is very bright and loves to read is not the same as dealing with other people's kids and behavior problems. It's really comparing apples to oranges. The fact that you even made that comment shows your ignorance of what my work life was like.


The bottom line is this. Elanor has been ready to leave LCA for multiple reasons, and is excited about homeschooling. We've been working together to pick out materials for next year.


You acted out of turn, and you went to LCA without speaking to those who would be actually affected.

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