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Welcome to Donham Computer Services.

Proudly serving Acadiana since 2004. 

DCS enjoys getting to know its customers and their businesses. This helps us project company growth and prepare for future IT needs in the areas of software, servers, backup systems, and hardware infrastructure.


DCS prefers to work within a virtual environment and excels at converting physical environments into virtual ones. Virtualization allows for: decreased backup time, increased network security, decreased recovery time, decreased down time after a system failures, decrease troubleshooting risks, decreased overhead costs, and increased growth potential.

In break-fix plans, IT guys make more money when you have MORE problems. With our VITE (white-glove) managed service plan, we make more money when you have LESS problems, which one is better for you?


DCS also provides individuals with quality technical assistance with home computer issues, like upgrading to Windows 10, cleaning out unwanted spyware and viruses, and maximizing the power and utility of a PC.


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